What causes Urban Flooding?

A common misconception about flooding is that one must be located near a water body for the floods to happen. This is wrong! Flooding could happen at the time of heavy rainfall, in rural and/or urban areas.

As per NDMA, India, “There has been an increasing trend of urban flood disasters in India over the past several years whereby major cities in India have been severely affected. The most notable amongst them are Hyderabad in 2000, Ahmedabad in 2001, Delhi in 2002 and 2003, Chennai in 2004, Mumbai in 2005, Surat in 2006, Kolkata in 2007, Jamshedpur in 2008, Delhi in 2009 and Guwahati and Delhi in 2010.”

Urban flooding basically happens because of Pluvial floods. A pluvial flood occurs when an extreme rainfall event creates a flood independent of an overflowing water body. There are basically 2 types of Pluvial Flooding

  1. Flash Floods – These happen when an intense, high velocity torrent of water triggered by torrential rain falling within a short amount of time within the vicinity or on nearby elevated terrain. These also occur when a sudden release of water from an upstreet dam.
  2. Surface water floods – These happen when an urban drainage system is overwhelmed and water flows out into streets and nearby structures causing significant economical damage.

These instances as mentioned above, are on the rise, because of many reasons mainly, lack of good infrastructure for sewage, rapid urbanization and climate change.

It’s very hard to predict when the pluvial floods will take place. Since these cause maximum economical damage, we must be flood prepared. UrbaDam, comes into action here. The sandless sandbag, UrbaDam, only weighs 320gms and it’s easily stackable to make flood barriers. Once energized(wet with water), It weighs around 20kgs. It doesn’t take much space for storage. We provide you customizable solutions for your water problems caused due to pluvial flooding.

Surabhi Mishra
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  1. With increased incidences of Urban Flooding and the widespread damage it causes. Urbadam’s customisable solutions seem like one of the key ways to mitigate its effects.

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